“The gift of mental power comes from god, divine being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.”

~Nikola Tesla

Yoga/Barre Classes

Andrea Hoopes, E-RYT 200, is a registered member of Yoga Alliance, Barre Sculpt and Pilates teacher, and a Reiki Master Level Practitioner. She has an 18-year background in Radiology, which allows her to practice an intuitive interpretation of asana focusing on alignment.

Tarot Readings

Tarot is a tool for unlocking the subconscious mind and bringing thoughts and feelings into conscious awareness by identifying with the symbols in the Tarot cards, chosen through law of attraction.


REIKI is a spiritual Healing Art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”.

About The Soul Huntress

Why come to me? Simply because I expect more of you. I have the honor to see how successfully you can obtain Results based on hard soul work. Results that will allow you to achieve the life you envision for yourself.

Tarot Cards allow me to interpret messages from a higher realm. These messages come to me as abstract energies. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it is a constant force that shifts between dimensions and one I consider to be a sentient being. Based on the philosophy of Carl Jung, I interpret the Tarot as the “Fools Journey to become Hero”. I ask permission to connect to your higher self and spirit guides, and any ancestors who wish to be present. Based on your current Karmic Cycle, I will receive guidance on how to heal from past ancestral and current patterns, and offer what the outcome could be…should you choose to do the work and follow the guidance. We are all here to grow and find our way “home. This journey home is with the people we made contracts with to advance in this life cycle. After facing what it is that may need healing or shifting in your reality, and doing the hard work, you are set up to receive your dharma in accordance to Fortune’s Wheel.

  • I worked 18 years in the medical field in after completing a MRI Internship for Radiologic Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Attuned to the Level of Reiki Master under the guidance of Lisa Powers.
  • Attended Yoga Teacher Training at red lila yoga School under Lindsay Lusignea.
  • Attended Barre Intensity Teacher Training Certification under Stephanie Lyons
  • Restructured my Intention Ceremony and Tarot Divination skills with the Drawing Within School of the High Priestess.

I look forward to serving you, and am honored that you trust me to guide you, whether it is in a class, tarot divination, or Reiki session.

Yoga/Barre Classes

Tarot Readings

Happy Customers

I always tell people that Andrea was divinely guided into my life, just when I needed her. I first met her as I was experiencing a terrible breakup, at a ’Yoga to Heal a Broken Heart’ workshop she ran that totally changed my life & pulled me out of the depression I was sinking into. Since then, we have worked together in many facets. I’ve completed all three reiki certifications with her as my guide, and she has become a favorite staple to my staff & clients in my salon, as we offer her tarot & reiki services on a monthly basis. Andrea has helped me through so much of my own personal healing, through yoga, reiki & tarot, and I constantly thank the universe for introducing such a beautiful soul into my life!

Samantha J.

Andreas intuituve gift & ability to apply it to daily life makes her a true healer. She provides insight that is practical, insightful & transformative. SHe has helped me see my life and choices with a new perspective and profound understanding that our choices and path are guided by something higher than ourselves. She has taught me to listen, pause and the answers and guidance will follow.


Yes! To yoga with Andrea! Being a first timer to yoga, I choose to go to her ‘goat yoga’ event a while back. She is so reassuring, fun, and good at what she does! Plus, the goats were super cute!! I was blown away by Andreas reading, it was in depth, and spot on! She used numerous decks of cards to clarify the answers, so quickly it was astounding. Some things were affirmed, others wonderfully brought to my consciousness. I only allow certain people to read for me, I highly recommend Andreas amazing gift! I’ve had a long distance healing session with Andrea, I was at a real low point. She was so gracious, and the effects were immediately felt. If you can’t see her in person, she is just as healing from afar.

Margaret W.

She is most wonderful;) always confident and caring knows her stuff!! From her card readings, to her classes always full energy. Reiki to Barre, riding home at peace with the smell of lemongrass or some other essential oil to saying I hate you Andrea all weekend, from a Friday Barre class...she is full on energy and insightful with experience, love her ❤️.

Tracy G.